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SMACK DVD | #RNT, Part 2 feat Charlie Clips vs. Tay Rock, Conceited vs. B Magic & More

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One of the early originators of the street DVD, S.M.A.C.K. DVD Magazine is back! This is a new day for what once was the leading hip-hop video footage provider. Before your Worldstar Hiphops. Hell, before YouTube. SMACK pioneered the hip-hop DVD magazine that Cocaine City and The Come Up DVD made street empires out of.

Now, a couple years deep in the blog era of hip-hop, everybody has a camera phone and you can get all kinds of footage, from half-ass viddz to semi-HQ sh*t. But nobody is as consistent as SMACK, nobody gets the access that SMACK does, and you know his DVDs are always money. This new DVD is no different, bringing you that classic DVD feel, S.M.A.C.K. is so famous for.

This is the #RNT Battles Edition DVD Part 2 from the godfather of the street DVD game and the URL (Ultimate Rap League) boss SMACK, featuring the following battles and then some more:

- Charlie Clips vs. Tay Rock
- Conceited vs. B Magic
- Tsu Tsurf vs. Hitman Holla
- Charlie Clips vs. T-Rex
- Aye Verb vs. Goodz


Raw, live, uncensored rap battles.... Rap Gladiators Fighting To The Death.

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