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(DVD) Kendrick Lamar & The Come Up DVD | Bloody Bars Ed. ft. Black Hippy, A$AP Rocky, J. Cole & more

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TDE x THE COME UP: You thought this wasn't gonna be the biz? Ya bish.

The Come Up's creator and producer, Fendi, spent a year and some change on the low. Some thought the DVD game was dead and that The Come Up DVD had been buried. But it turns out almost 10 DVDs later, The Come UP DVD was only recharging the battery to put street DVDs back on the map.

The history is long but we'll keep the story short: Kendrick and Fendi go back. Since the days when Kendrick was a teen-ager and moving with Jay Rock behind the scenes, Fendi and Top Dawg got history... and that's what make this DVD even more special.

This ain't a camera chasing the #1 rapper in the world right now. This ain't TMZ. This ain't some shitty low-quality footage at night and in the rain.

This is intimate and live in Compton, where N.W.A. laid the foundation, Death Row carried the torch and Top Dawg is taking the message to the new generation.

In the studio, on stage, behind-the-scenes and up-close-and-personal is where you'll find The Come Up's camera as they walk you through a day in the life of the new King of Compton.

  • All Exclusive Footage
    • Unreleased & Never-Before-Seen Interviews
    • Raw Front-Row of Live Perfomances
    • Behind-The-Scenes Footage
    • Appx Run Time: 2.5 Hours

      FEATURES INCLUDE: the whole TDE Black Hippy fam (Jay Rock, Ab-Soul & Schoolboy Q), Dr. Dre, The Game, A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Drake & more!
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