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1,000 Grams, Vol. 1 | Young Jeezy & DJ Scream Mixtape

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1,000 Grams, Vol. 1 | Young Jeezy & DJ Scream Mixtape

1,000 GRAMS, VOL. 1 - Young Jeezy & DJ Scream

Definitely the biggest CD of DJ Scream's career, this CD is arguably the biggest mixtape of Young Jeezy's career. With the people getting antsy for that elusive TM103 release, this mixtape better count this time around.

The streets of the South still love them some Young Jeezy. But with other rappers like Rick Ross, Gucci Mane and Lil' Wayne emerging as front-runners over the past couple years in the Southern hip-hop rat race, Young Jeezy ain't dropped an album since 2008 and some people say the Snowman is slackin' on his pimpin. But as we all know, you're just 1 hit away in this game, and we also know Jeezy still got it in him.

Hopefully this mixtape spurs that major hit and re-energizes Jeezy and his faithful allegiance of fans. So in steps DJ Scream to help Young bring you this newest street classic: "1000 GRAMS, VOL. 1."

A kilogram is that sacred measure in the dope game, so expect this mixtape to be that street-certified dope to measure Mr. 17.5 by. The first leak off it was epic, at least in terms of the surprise factor. Threatening to divide the South and Def Jam's biggest Southern acts, "Death Before Dishonor" is that attention-getting record Jeezy wanted. Now it's up to Jeezy to make that attention count. The world is listening...Mr. Jenkins, you're up.

THE FIRST LEAK: "Death Before Dishonor ("B.M.F." Freestyle) - Young Jeezy

Track List

  • 01 Intro
  • 02 Death B4 Dishonor
  • 03 Choppa N Da Paint
  • 04 Dope Boy Swag
  • 05 In Da Wall
  • 06 Powder
  • 07 Whippin' All Of Dat
  • 08 Spray Somethin'
  • 09 Yayo
  • 10 Drug Dealin' Muzik
  • 11 Popular Demand
  • 12 Porsche Music
  • 13 Posted 8/10/2010



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