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Cocaine Kuntry | Big Kuntry - DJ Scream

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Big Cocaine Kuntry is in the building with his homeboy DJ Scream as these two ATLiens lay a torch to this mixtape and burn one down Grand Hustle style

Track List

  • 1

    Fuck Da OtherSide (remix)

    Dunk Ryders feat. Trick Daddy, Big Kuntry, Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla, Young Dro
  • 2

    Da Baddest

    Big Kuntry feat. Trey Songz Shawty Redd
  • 3

    Da One (For The Ladies)

    Big Kuntry
  • 4

    How I Do

    Big Kuntry feat. MacBoney Nard & B
  • 5

    I'm A G

    Big Kuntry feat. T.I. Nard & B + Keith Mack
  • 6

    Drugs Changed Everything Outro

    Big Kuntry
  • 7

    Da UndaBoss Speaks About New Single (Da Baddest)

    Big Kuntry
  • 8

    Forgot 2 Put The Album out

    Big Kuntry Marvelous J
  • 9

    Gangsta Life

    Big Kuntry feat. Governor Khao
  • 10

    Da Unda Boss Speaks

    Big Kuntry
  • 11


    Big Kuntry feat. Yung L.A. Raz
  • 12

    Give It Up

    Big Kuntry Black Mob Group
  • 13

    Da One

    Big Kuntry feat. Rashad Black Mob Group
  • 14


    Big Kuntry feat. Shawty Lo Nard & B
  • 15


    Big Kuntry 2-Tall
  • 16

    The Mobb

    Big Kuntry Nard & B
  • 17

    Haitian Fresh

    Fast Lane feat. Big Kuntry, Rick Ross
  • 18

    Steering Wheel

    Big Kuntry Khao
  • 19

    Straight Thugging

    Big Kuntry Nard & B
  • 20


    Big Kuntry feat. Lil 3rd Nard & B
  • 21

    Mixtape Better Than Album Interlude

    Big Kuntry
  • 22


    Big Kuntry feat. B.G., Twista Nard & B
  • 23

    T.I. (The King) Speaks

  • 24

    How We Rocking

    Big Kuntry Keith Mack
  • 25

    Cops and Robbers

    Big Kuntry

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