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You Need People Like Me | Plies & DJ Scream

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You Need People Like Me | Plies & DJ Scream

Coming up on the 4-year anniversary of MixUnit's exclusive "The Truth Hurts" mixtape with DJ Scream and Plies, we get ready to do the Plies & Scream thing all over again with the new release of their hood-certified, Heavy In The Streets official mixtape YOU NEED PEOPLE LIKE ME. Four albums later, Plies & DJ Scream are back to feed the streets with their highly anticipated follow up, "You Need People Like Me"! The Gunshine Goon is affiliated with one of the best in the South once again as the duo drops this major motion picture mixtape on the people. Featuring nothing less than all-exclusive music from one of the South's favorite dopeboy goons, including brand new freestyles, leaks and original tracks.

MIXTAPE PREVIEW: Plies' tribute to the Bad Azz: "Boosie"

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