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Mixtapes Subscriptions

Get Up to 25 CD downloads every month
You save up to 90% with a subscription!

Why Subscribe?

1 Download for all CDs

All multi discs count as 1 CD download! (i.e. 2 CD, 3 CD, etc)

High Quality Audio

Get Highest quality* MP3 with downloads

unused credits roll over

No expiry of unused credits. They roll over to the next month

Cancel Anytime

Easy & Quick Cancellation. No questions asked

* CD Downloads are mp3 format with up to 320kbps (Highest Quality). Some older CD downloads may have mp3 format with up to a 192 bitrate.

Simple. Just Subscribe and Start

25 Mixtape & Album
every month

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  • Additional Saving
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20 Mixtape & Album
every month

  • Most Popular
  • High Quality Downloads
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What benefits do I receive with a subscription?

As a subscriber you receive credits each month that can be redeemed for CD downloads. Downloads once redeemed never expire. Any unused credit from a month are rolled over to the next month

What is a credit and how do I redeem it?

Credits are issued when you subscribe to a plan. You can then redeem these credits to get downloads.

How do I get a CD download with a credit?

After subscribing, you will get a new button called "Get Download" on music products. Simply click it to redeem a credit to get the CD download. You can then click the "Download Now" button to start downloading.

All downloads are also be available in your library “My MixUnit” under the “My Downloads” section.

How do I manage my subscriptions?

You can manage your subscriptions from your library “My MixUnit”. Under the section “My Downloads”, you will find a tab called “Subscriptions”. From this page, you can check your credit balance, Cancel an active subscription plan, and subscribe to a new one.

Click Here to manage your subscription.

I no longer need my subscription, how do I cancel?

Canceling an active subscription is really simple. If you have an active subscription you will see a “Cancel” button displayed on the subscription box in your library. Simply press the cancel button, confirm that you want to cancel the plan and that’s it! You will no longer be charged for the subscription.

Click Here to manage your subscriptions.

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