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The Homage Luxury Co. | Compton, Part 2 - Men's T-Shirt

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The Homage Luxury Co. | Compton, Part 2 - Men's T-Shirt

Originally Pose Clothing founded in 2011 By Graphic Designer & Artist OhMyLA. Pose Clothing needed a brand identity change and a new look. They are now The Homage Luxury Co. THLC is about positivity and paying respect to iconic figures from hip-hop, art, fashion and style. They take pride in all of their products, striving to deliver more than what you see. Each product is thought out and designed from every aspect imaginable.


WHAT IS A SUBLIMATED PRINT? Sublimated prints (aka. dye-sublimated) are prints where the ink is "dyed" into the garment using a special printing process. Sublimation is traditionally done with a white polyester t-shirt (100% polyester allows for better colors than a cotton/poly blend) and results in a softer, higher-quality print, particularly for photographic designs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Print imperfections cannot be avoided when doing sublimated printing. Most garments will not lay completely flat while sublimating, so you may notice small imperfections/creases with the ink distribution, especially around the armpit + seams -- this is unavoidable, as every shirt prints uniquely.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Short Sleeve Shirt with Sublimated Print Design
  • Pre-Shrunk to Minimize Shrinkage
  • Machine Washable [Note: it is always recommended to wash inside out and dry on low heat]
  • Note: Expect minimal imperfections at seams and underarms

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