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Fully Laced | Bundy - Men's T-Shirt

Retail Price:  $26.99 w/ 30% Coupon:  $18.89 w/ 30% Coupon:  $18.89

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Fully Laced | Bundy - Men's T-Shirt


Fully Laced has been a story in the making since 2005. What started as a fun project to supply fellow sneakerheads with replacement shoelaces for Nike SBs, has grown into a full-on streetwear brand, providing the industry with cutting-edge fashion and accessories.

"Bundy" Biggest shoe salesman in the game, period.

  • 100% Premium Cotton
  • 6.1oz Medium-Weight T-Shirt
  • Short Sleeve Shirt with Screen-Printed Design
  • Pre-Shrunk
  • Machine Washable [Note: it is always recommended to dry on low heat and wash inside out]


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