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Jadakiss & The Come Up DVD | The Notorious K.I.S.S. (Reloaded)

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The Come Up's creator and producer, Fendi, spent a year and some change on the low. Some thought the DVD game was dead and that The Come Up DVD had been buried. But it turns out three DVDs later, The Come UP DVD was only loading up the artillery and waiting patiently.

Patient no more, Fendi has jabbed The Come Up DVD, Vol. 23 with 2 Chainz, French, Future and Fendi (goin' at Nicki) taking up the feature spots. Then he hit the people with the right cross, dropping 'The Meek Mill Story', an authentic Meek Mill-sanctioned street DVD from the Dram Chaser himself. Now it's time for the uppercut, coming in the form of THE NOTORIOUS K.I.S.S. (RELOADED) DVD.

Serving as the followup to the original 'Notorious K.I.S.S.' DVD, Jadakiss shot new videos and freestyles you won't see on BET or MTV or any other place than this DVD, including several new and exclusive tracks you won't hear anywhere else either.

Although Jada is in the lab cooking up his next album, that rumored Lox album, and possibly a mixtape, he had time to break away and shoot music videos and freestyles all over New York city, proving the Hood is where is Home is.


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