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Entree | Ball So Hard - Men's T-Shirt

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Entree | Ball So Hard - Men's T-Shirt


Entree Clothing: Pronunciation- like the French word "entrŠ¹e"
1. a: the act or manner of entering : entrance; b: freedom of entry or access
2. the main course of a meal in the United States

With roots in hip-hop, graffiti, b-boy and skate, the Entree Lifestyle Brand is positioned to breath new life into the Skate and Streetwear world. Born, bred and based in Brooklyn NY, we embrace the NYC lifestyle and its own unique elements. The brand is based on our own custom and now infamous artwork and graffiti faces. Most importantly, we don't limit ourselves to just Skate and Graffiti elements, were constantly inspired, evolving and driven by fashion, you the customer, and the aspiration of overall exclusivity. Originality Stands Alone.

Ball So Hard, mother F#&%ers wanna find me... The Entree mascot gets the Where's Waldo treatment as Entree reminds you big they do it. "BALL SO HARD"

  • 100% Premium Cotton T-Shirt
  • Short-Sleeve T-Shirt with Screen-Printed Design
  • Sewn-On Hem Tag At Bottom, "Misunderstood" Sleeve Print
  • Pre-Shrunk
  • Machine Washable
  • Crafted in Brooklyn


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