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I'm Reloaded, Pt. 2 | Mixtape Video Blends, Vol. 74 - DJ Juice (DVD/CD)

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I'm Reloaded, Pt. 2 | Mixtape Video Blends, Vol. 74 - DJ Juice (DVD/CD)


The man who practically invented the remix the way he re-invented blend mixtapes the last two decades, DJ Juice, is taking it one step further once again. At a time when everybody has deserted the game and seemingly gave up on their craft, the blend legend DJ Juice stays supporting the game and holding them down with King Kong style releases that rewind you why Juice carried the crown for yeaaaaarrrrs.

I'M RELOADEDDDDDDDD...AGAIN!! The 74th Volume of DJ Juice's blend series, this DVD is his 10th video blends mix since he crossed over from the audio format to the visual. On some Tony Montana, never let 'em breathe-type sh*t, The Legendary DJ Juice goes back in with another incredibly creative ground-breaking video blends DVD.

Back with a year-ending extravaganza, the multiple-time Justo Award winner proves...J-U-ice is still the standard.

DISC 2: CD (featuring blends to match the DVD)


01. Monica feat. Rick Ross - Anything (Juice Blend)
02. J. Lo - If U Had My Love (Juice Blend)
03. Nichole S. - Right There (Juice Blend)
04. Stevie - My Cherie Amour (Juice Blend)
05. Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up (Juice Blend)
06. Frank Ocean - Novacane (Juice Blend)
07. 3Lw - Playas Goin Play (Juice Blend)
08. Jim Jones - Blow Your Smoke (Juice Blend)
09. Keyshia Cole - I Aint Thur (Juice Blend)
10. Method Man - All I Need (Juice Blend)
11. R.Kellz - Did U Ever Think (Juice Blend)
12. P. Diddy - Lovin You No More (Juice Blend)
13. Snoop Dogg - Kush (Juice Blend)
14. Beyonce - Best Thing I Never Had (Juice Blend)
15. Rihanna - What's My Name (Juice Blend)
16. Lloyd - Cupid (Juice Blend)
17. Beenie Man - Rum N Redbull (Juice Blend)
18. 3Lw - I Do (Juice Blend)
19. Mary J - It Ain't Over (Juice Blend)
20. Camron - Hey Muma (Juice Blend)
21. Sean P. - Shake That Thing (Juice Blend)
22. Ne-Yo - One In A Million (Juice Blend)
23. Bel Biv Devo - Poison (Juice Blend)
24. Beyonce - Who Run This (Juice Blend)
25. Miguel - Quickie (Movie) (Juice Blend)
26. Ace Hood - Hustle Hard (Remix) (Juice Blend)
27. Rick Ross feat. Meek Mill - Tupac Back (Juice Blend)
28. Waka Flocka - Grove St Party (Juice Blend)
29. YC - Racks On Racks Remix (Juice Blend)
30. Kelly Roland Ft. Lil Wayne - Motavation (Juice Blend)
31. Waka Flocka - Hard To The Paint (Juice Blend)
32. Ice Cube - Today Was A Good Day (Juice Blend)
33. Trey Songz - Bottoms Up (Juice Blend)
34. Trey Songz - Your Love (Juice Blend)
35. Drake - I'm On One (Juice Blend)
36. Busta Ryhme - Look At Me Now (Juice Blend)
37. Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross - I'm A Boss (Juice Blend)
38. Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross - John (Juice Blend)
39. Lil Wayne - Steady Mobbin (Juice Blend)
40. Nicki Minaj - Did It On Em (Juice Blend)
41. Trey Songz - Unusual (Movie) (Juice Blend)
42. Miguel - Sure Thing (Juice Blend)
43. Drake - I'm On One (Movie) (Juice Blend)
44. Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock (Juice Blend)
45. Jeremih - Down On Me (Juice Blend)
46. Deemi - Sound Track Of My Life (Juice Blend)
47. Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (Juice Blend)
48. Aaliyah - Try Again (Juice Blend)
49. Meagan Rochell - The One You Need (Juice Blend)
50. Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends (Juice Blend)
51. TI - You Know What It Is (Juice Blend)
52. Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot (Juice Blend)
53. Raphael Sadiq - Ask Of You (Juice Blend)
54. French Montana - Shot Caller (Juice Blend)
55. Mr. Vegas - Heads High (Juice Blend)
56. Blu Cantrell feat. Sean P. - Breathe (Juice Blend)
57. Keri Hilson - Lose Control (Juice Blend)
58. Kelis - Caught Out There (Movie) (Juice Blend)
59. Estelle feat. Rick Ross - Break My Heart (Juice Blend)
60. Chris Brown - She Aint U (Juice Blend)
61. T Pain - 5 O'Clock (DJ Krazee Rae Remix)
62. Drake - Headlines (DJ Krazee Rae Remix)
63. Beyonce - Party (DJ Plexx Remix)
64. Meek Mill - House Party (Juice Blend)
65. Future - Tony Montana (Juice Blend)

* Includes a bonus CD with matching tracks


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