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Sneaker Fiend | Miami Lebron - Men's T-Shirt

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Sneaker Fiend | Miami Lebron - Men's T-Shirt


Founded back in 2005 by Chicagoan Darrick Carruth out of college inspiration, Sneaker Fiend represents the masses with dope, quality graphic tees inspired by hip-hop and sneaker culture. Sneaker Fiend Tees are dope T's for dope people and it is as simple as that...

With Lebron's Miami Pre-Heat shoe in mind, SFT laces up Lebron in that cool blue suit and posts him up alongside Don Johnson in the white-on-white Miami linens. This shirt couldn't scream Miami any more than if it said I'M IN MIAMI B!TCH. "MIAMI LEBRON"

  • 100% Cotton
  • Medium-Weight T-Shirt
  • Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Screen Printed Design
  • Pre-Shrunk
  • Machine Washable


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