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Erratic Clothing | CA All Day - Men's T-Shirt

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Erratic Clothing | CA All Day - Men's T-Shirt


An innovative feel with no fixed course, L.A.s ERRATIC CLOTHING is virtually undefinable. With music, film, sports, and art influencing the designs, ERRATIC touches a piece of every lifestyle and incorporates all aspects of different cultures. Each design is original and creative with no one meaning. Wearing an ERRATIC design grants the freedom of self-expression. There are No rules. No limits. No parameters. No outline. No guidelines. No agenda. No schedule. No expectations. Life happens, and ERRATIC conquers our everyday surroundings by depicting the highlightsand lowlights of life on the designs. WARNING: MAY CAUSE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT

Born and bred in Los Angeles, California, Erratic Clothing obviously has a hometeam bias with this one. Available in your favorite local sports team colors. "CA ALL DAY"

  • 100% Premium Cotton
  • Medium-Weight T-Shirt
  • Short Sleeve Shirt with Screen-Printed Design
  • Pre-Shrunk
  • Machine Washable


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