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MIXERFRIENDLY | Soul Train - Men's T-Shirt

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As the name suggests, Mixerfriendly started as a clothing spot that served the hip-hoppers. Friendly to the DJs and the emcees, Mixerfriendly has grown from its Day One setup, but still reflects that real hip-hop feel. In 2005 they stepped out of the DJ culture, and are now concentrating on more thought-provoking graphics that relate to current events, while staying true to their hip-hop base. They believe that music is a powerful tool that can articulate struggles in the world and give people the empowerment to make a difference. They call their gear "Positive Apparel" and we're positive this shit is dope.

  • 100% Cotton
    • Medium Weight T-Shirt
    • Short Sleeve Shirt with Screen Printed Design
    • Pre-Shrunk
    • Machine Washable
  • 01102

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