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Bobby Fresh | Face Off (Space Jam) - Men's T-Shirt

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Bobby Fresh | Face Off (Space Jam) - Men's T-Shirt


Straight out of Tempe, Arizona, Bobby Fresh Clothing is one of the flyest brands coming out of the competitive Southwest streetwear. Established in 2007, Bobby Fresh is an American streetwear brand that offers merchandise complimenting popular sneakers. Coming with the heat from the land of the heat means BF is adapting to their environment, and in a climate of fresh, up-and-coming streetwear lines, Bobby Fresh is turning it up a little bit. Always Stay Fresh.

WHAT IS A SUBLIMATED PRINT? Sublimated prints (aka. dye-sublimated) are prints where the ink is "dyed" into the garment using a special printing process. Sublimation is traditionally done with a white polyester t-shirt (100% polyester allows for better colors than a cotton/poly blend) and results in a softer, higher-quality print, particularly for photographic designs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Print imperfections cannot be avoided when doing sublimated printing. Most garments will not lay completely flat while sublimating, so you may notice small imperfections/creases with the ink distribution, especially around the armpit + seams -- this is unavoidable, as every shirt prints uniquely.

  • 100% Polyester Shirt
  • Dye-Sublimated Print
  • Machine Washable


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