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Infamous Minded | Mobb Deep - DJs Larry Lo, Woogie & DJ Rated R

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Infamous Minded | Mobb Deep - DJs Larry Lo, Woogie & DJ Rated R

Infamous Minded | Mobb Deep - DJs Larry Lo, Woogie & DJ Rated R

With Banana Clip P set to come home early March 2011, get yourself in a Queensbridge State Of Mind and indulge in this 'Infamous Minded' mixtape from one of the greatest hip-hop duos of all-time. Courtesy of DJ Larry Lo, Rated R and Woogie, get your M.O.B.B. fix with this latest 30+ track collection of dunn language, with Prodigy holding down most of the microphone duties while Havoc's beats bang out like it was 1993. Back like they never left, Mobb Deep is running on all cylinders for this new creation which re-kindles the Infamous fire and even premieres a handful of never-before-heard exclusives. Features and cameos include Raekwon, Capone-N-Noreaga, Kool G Rap & Cormega, as well as extended Infamous family members Alchemist, Big Twins, Big Noyd, Un Pacino, Nyce Da Future, Ty Nitty.

Track List

1. DJ Larry Lo - Intro
2. Mobb Deep - Pop Something Off
3. Alchemist - Boom Boom
4. Prodigy - Tough Love
5. Mobb Deep - Infamous Minded 2011
6. Prodigy - Die Another Day
7. Mobb Deep - You Aint A Gangsta
8. Prodigy - On A Mission
9. Havoc - Freestyle
10. Mobb Deep - Something Like A Horror Flick
11. Havoc - No Matter I Go
12. Prodigy - Shot Mad Clips
13. Un Pacino - Who The Fuck
14. Havoc feat. Raekwon - 24K Rap
15. Big Twins feat. Big Noyd - On Smash
16. Mobb Deep feat. Nyce Da Future & L.A.D - Got The Drop
17. Prodigy - Stop Hating
18. Prodigy - Up The Ladder Of Success
19. Un Pacino - The Hit
20. Havoc feat. Big Noyd - You Know My Style
21. Big Twins feat. Ty Nitty - Im3 Click
22. Mobb Deep feat. Nyce Da Future - Lie
23. Mobb Deep feat. Kool G Rap - Gangsta Move (Sid Roams)
24. Havoc - My Pimping
25. Havoc feat. Prodigy - Walk With Me
26. CNN feat. Mobb Deep - Wobble Wobble
27. Blaq Mobb feat. Prodigy, Un Pacino & Big Twins - How You Want It
28. Prodigy - My World Is Empty With Out You
29. Prodigy - The Dough
30. Prodigy feat. Un Pacino - Phone Tap
31. Prodigy feat. Un Pacino - Got That
32. Prodigy - Don't Trust That

Posted 1/19/2011


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