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Jackin For Beats: Young Jeezy Freestyles - DJ Delz

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Jackin For Beats: Young Jeezy Freestyles - DJ Delz

With TM103 currently circling the airport at a safe altitude and awaiting permission to land, Young Jeezy has been on his grind and in the lab trying to warm up the streets this winter. And who better to thaw the streets than the abominable Snowman? Recently dispatching a slew of fresh freestyles to help build that bridge to his highly anticipated and seemingly mythical fourth studio album, Jeezy is no stranger to the art of the beat-jack.

So whaddayaknow... DJ Delz is on the case and he's compiled some of Young's best freestyles from over the years. We call this JACKIN FOR BEATS, and with artists like Fabolous, Rick Ross, Cassidy, Lloyd Banks, D-Block, Slaughterhouse, Stack Bundles and others already in the portfolio, DJ Delz brings you his latest J4B: The Young Jeezy Edition. [Insert Jeezy ad lib here]

Track List

  • 01 Hustle Hard Freestyle
  • 02 Hard In The Paint Freestyle
  • 03 Black & Yellow Freestyle
  • 04 The Real BMF Freestyle
  • 05 Suck It Or Not Freestyle
  • 06 Dear Summer Freestyle
  • 07 Powder Freestyle
  • 08 We Major Freestyle
  • 09 Hate In Your Blood Freestyle
  • 10 One For CTE Freestyle feat. U.S.D.A.
  • 11 For My Town Freestyle
  • 12 Better Than Ever Freestyle
  • 13 They Don't Know Freestyle
  • 14 Dope Boy Swag Freestyle
  • 15 Hello Good Morning Freestyle
  • 16 Money To Blow Freestyle
  • 17 Dead Wrong Freestyle
  • 18 I Know You Don't Love Me Freestyle
  • 19 P.S.A. Freestyle
  • 20 Start It Up Freestyle
  • 21 Gangster Party Freestyle feat. Slick Pulla
  • 22 Big Dawg Freestyle
  • 23 Turn My Swag On Freestyle
  • 24 Go Head Baby Freestyle
  • 25 Popular Demand Freestyle
  • 26 Drug Dealin Muzik Freestyle
  • 27 Spray Something Freestyle
  • 28 Roger That Freestyle
  • 29 Bang Bang Freestyle
  • 30 Bonus
  • 31 CTE Or Nothing feat. U.S.D.A.
  • 32 Off Safety feat. U.S.D.A.
  • 33 Bag Music
  • 34 Whole Thing
  • 35 Ass
  • 36 Bands Make Her Dance
  • 37 We Done It Again


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