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Industry Chicks #2 | Models, Mayhem & Money w/ Sasha Cream - Cheddar DVD

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Industry Chicks #2 | Models, Mayhem & Money w/ Sasha Cream - Cheddar DVD

Industry Chicks #2 | Models, Mayhem & Money w/ Sasha Cream - Cheddar DVD

Girls, girls, girls, girls...Girls I Do Adore.

Of course, that is the theme of their first ever pictorial magazine/DVD bundle. After having so much success with the first Industry Chicks DVD release hosted by Pinky, it only made sense to do it again. They wanted to challenge themselves with Industry Chicks 2 and give the viewers even more. More means a 2-HOUR DVD with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Dirty Money�s Kaleena, Pinky, Cherokee D'Ass, Lacey Duval, Cubana Lust, Sasha Cream, Elke the Stallion, Pebblez da Model, and Luscious Louis.

Cheddar DVD releases Industry Chicks 2, with a 2-hour DVD and 16-page centerfold of today's most sexiest female bosses. IC2 kicks off with an exclusive LIVE performance & interview with Nicki Minaj as she rips the stage. Dirty Money's Kaleena give us an inside look at what it is like to work with Diddy, while kicking back in the studio.

The cover girl, Sasha Cream, gets oiled up for her next taping. Everybody's favorite adult star, Pinky, is shooting her next rap cameo and gives you a sneak peak behind the scenes. Kay Slay, Cubana Lust, and VH1's Junk are Straight Stuntin in ATL's Club Mansion.

And the afterparty continues with some one-on-one time with the Cuban beauty Cubana Lust at her closed photoshoot. And you gotta check out the "retired" Lacey Duval, as she puts on an unforgettable strip club performance with the one-and-only Roxy Reynolds.

And folks are wondering "How Pebblez da Model got her BUTT so BIG?" You gotta check out her interview to find out. Next is Elke the Stallion. She has a few treats for you, also. And the ride ends with Luscious Louis and the antics of infamous Kat Stacks...

Need we say more??? Not only do you get to see the ladies, but you get to SEE the ladies. Cheddar DVD added 16-page pictorial with these alluring ladies just to give you a little bonus.


01. Nicki Minaj
02. Kaleena
03. Sasha Cream XXX
04. Kay Slay, Cubana Lust, & VH1�s Junk
05. Cubana Lust
06. Pinky XXX feat Cherokee D�Ass
07. Pebblez da Model
08. Elke the Stallion
09. Lacey Duval
10. Y3
11. E--Cashes
12. Luscious Louis
13. Kat Stacks Outro


Posted 3/24/2011